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We have a small family kennel. We live in Alsoörs on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. In 2000 we attended dog shows with our gordon setter, when we met the Cavalier King Charles spaniel breed. The beautiful dog had a great impression on us, so we just started to read and collect information about the breed. We had little children in the family so we thought a little Cavalier might become their ideal companion, since he could live at close guarters, in the flat.
At first we only wanted a well-shaped, healthy, nice puppy that can be happy with or that we could take to shows now and then.
We bought a little male, Archi. He accomodated himself to the family quickly and immediatelly made friends with our setter. Having experienced how excellent it was to live together with such a good-natured, charming but at the same time self-conscious little dog, and achieving great success as beginners, we decided to raise the breed.
Soon we bought a tricolour bitch Angie, a dog of Hungarian breeding with excellent Dutch, German and English lines and later a black and tan bitch Saffy, from finnish and austrian line.

We achieved great success on shows. All of our dogs have become Hungarian Junior Champions, later Hungarian Champions and Best of Breed. We did not want to have a big kennel as our dogs were living with us in the house almost as a family member but in the same time we wanted to have puppies which we can be proud of. From thoroughly planned matings abroad and from later generations of them we kept puppies, so now we are living with the great-grand children of our first dogs. We aimed to show our dogs on significant hungarian shows and are proud to achive nice titles also on shows abroad as well on Europe and World shows.

Our objective:
Our objective is to breed maximally healthy, well-built, first-rate cavaliers with excellent nervous system that meet the requirements set by the Breed Standard to a great extent and that live a nice age.
Our whole family put great emphasis on socialisation, we find it essential to give lively, happy puppies to would-be dog-owners.
Our puppies undergo different screening tests which are in accordance with international requirements.
We are happy to see that dogs bred by us get to dog shows and do well there, but our primary aim is to find loving families for our dogs, where they are considered to be family members, they are liked and respetced.
We are glad that it is more and more realized that cavaliers are ideal for theraphy purposes – especially for children early-age development programmes - due to their intelligence, patience, good nervouse sytem, and always ready for playing attitude.

We are aimed to involve outstanding and admitted – not just in Hungary but also abroad – dogs into our breeding programme. We intend to do well on hungarian and international dogshows. But our most important goal is to breed for our and would-be dog owners’ pleasure and to cooperate with fellow breeders in fair competition and help eachothers’ work.

We consider regular contact, feedback important, thus we can see the fruits of our efforts and be able to breed at a high standard in the future as well.

We would like to thank for our friends and acquaintance who take care of our dogs, love them and also if they had chance they showed our dogs on shows. Congratulations for the great success they achieved.


If we have managed to raise your interest visit us and we will give you a warm welcome.